40 – reflect on progress towards targets and taking responsibility for meeting them.

this competency has been covered all year round, and is being covered in the blog posts I am making now. we covered this in the self reflection session we had with sue. iv been setting myself goals all year round at home in my planner. setting targets for later on in the year and the next years at Hallam university. furthermore we did a small activity where we had to write down all of our goals and talk about them with each other in class. this helped me because it gave me a good sense of organisation and a clear path to my goals in later years and how I am going to complete these goals.


34 – explain the fundamental implications of the internet for business

we covered this in the individual project, where we had to discuss with a client about the changes we would be making to their business and suggest things. in a part of the project I spoke about the fundamental implications of the security side of the internet within the business, keeping it safe. also the network linking between the 2 offices since a new one was being opened up in Cleethorpes. explain the internet fundamentals meets the competency 34 – explain the fundamental implications of the internet for business.

We also made the website for university, as  advertising online and using the internet will bring more business to Hallam as a whole which is using a fundamental of the internet for the business which in this case is Hallam university.

33 – Design and present a range of materials to a range of audiences.

we have pretty much covered this competency in almost every project we have done this year because most of the time we are designing and present work to the class. The Simon says arduino project that we had to design and present to the whole class, the group website we designed, the mobile app, the database etc. all of these projects we have had to design the project then present it to the class, or teachers or different tutors. this completes competency 33, design and present a range of materials to a range of audiences.

28 – understand the impact of new technology, mobile, wireless, internet.

we covered this in a number of projects also, but the one I will highlight is the beacon project that we did, the tasks we were given was to come up with an idea for a beacon and whether it is something we would use in a university or education, well that’s what we based it off anyway. we came up with the idea of having beacons in every room so that if somebody loses their phone they can sign in to the beacon system and it will locate what room the phone is in and will be tracked because there could be an app on phones which automatically connects to beacons or can be toggled on and off depending on the situation. This is clearly an impact of internet and wireless being use well. this is also the kind of impact you could expect a lot of university or educational buildings and business’s to use because it could be useful. this covers competency 28 because we have understood the use of wireless.

24 – use a database system to store, manipulate and present information.

Similar to competency 23, it was achieved within the forest records database I made.  we stored information on all the bands, all the individual artists, the date they were created and signed, how much sales they made, how long they were in a specific band etc. we manipulated it by organising the facts in to navigate able tables and drop down boxes so that information can be displayed differently. then the table its self presents the information in a table which completes competency 24.

23 – design and build a database.

We covered this in the database project we did on forest records, we had to create a database for forest records who are a music record company. We had to make a table displaying all artists/bands/labels etc. we then had to query everything so that the table is easily navigable. I cant attach the file to the blog post because it doesn’t read access files but has been to sent to the correct people.


22 – Identify the main functional areas of a business.

We covered this competency in the Database project, in the database we had to review a record label called forest records. The aim was to produce a table for them to organise their bands/genres/contracts etc. if you research what main functional area’s of a business are I covered the accounting and finance with the prices of the total budgets, covered research and development because of the information we made and it shows the development of the business in it. we also had to make queries for the table we created with the information about forest records, so it had to be easy to navigate and organised for forest records.