39 (soft skill) – prepare effectively and set personal team targets

We covered this competency during the Lego activates, we had to play around with Lego and work as a team to learn more about it, there we 3 main points to think about, collaboration, process and participation, Metaphors too. We did a lot of group work this semester, preparing effectively was an important key to our success, we had to give roles to each other, tell each other how we are going to achieve these roles, kept updating each other on any problems or changes which might effect the project as a whole. We wanted to make something better than the others in the class which motivated us to create something better and work harder.

I would like to improve myself from this by incorporating this more into future assignments as never used this before so this is how i would improve myself.

We used an app on our mobiles called WhatsApp this allowed us to communicate outside of class. here we discussed who should take what role based off who was best in those roles. for example Phil was the best at producing presentations and layout of how stuff should be presented, Ben was the one who was best at gathering information and producing core work in general, I was best at talking to people about the work we’ve done and talking in a professional way, this was how we ‘selected team roles’.. we would regularly check up on each other using WhatsApp to make sure we are up to date or if anybody is struggling we can help sooner rather than later which is ‘recording the progress made’..


37 (soft skill) – Use critical skills to explore ideas before making a judgement

We spent a session learning about critical thinking, we had to build a cookie. From this cookie we had to DESCRIBE – what the cookie looked like, ANALYSE – what the cookie represented, CRITISIZE – what was wrong with the cookie, SYNTHISIZE – how important was the cookie? and EVALUATE the cookie as a whole. This showed me how to use critical thinking more effectively and is something I will try to use in future assignments. I think this will definitely help me to improve my thinking pattern when tackling later challenges.

I actually did extra research on what critical thinking actually is from;

The Critical Thinking Community, 2008, defying critical thinking, https://www.criticalthinking.org/pages/defining-critical-thinking/766

In here it talks further into critical thinking using more examples to throw in to it which I decided to read over, stuff like ‘assumptions; concepts; empirical grounding; reasoning leading to conclusions; implications and consequences; objections from alternative viewpoints; and frame of reference. Critical thinking — in being responsive to variable subject matter, issues, and purposes’,‘economic thinking’, ‘Moral thinking’, ‘psychological thinking’, ‘mathematical thinking’, ‘Historical thinking’ and many other forms of critical thinking which go beyond the lesson we had on it. The Critical Thinking Community, 2008, defying critical thinking, https://www.criticalthinking.org/pages/defining-critical-thinking/766)



36 (soft skill) – cite and reference sources appropriately

We spoke about this topic during a Thursday session, it was learning about the proper form and use of citing and referencing sources properly when presenting assignments. This was so that no copyright or accusations can be made about the work we produce and what is and is not acceptable.

In my auduino project i referenced the website that i used to get help on coding the video game that we made.It had useful information that we needed in order to complete the project before the deadline. Hopefully now i can work on the same task without needing help now, maybe it is something i will practice.

Here is an example of the Cite reference for the website I used for my Arduino project;

‘faziefazie’ in ‘Arduino’, ‘2009’, http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Simple-Simon-Says-Game/


32 (soft skill) – communicate in a variety of contexts

We covered this competency in a tutorial talking about the 7 stages of a project which include the question, plan, research, produce, improve, present and evaluate.There are a number of ways people in class communicate using university resources. Most of the time we use the student email on shu space. just speaking to each other face to face is another method of communication. What me and a couple of my classmates did was make our own whats app chat group while working on projects together. this is also a big part of communicating with each other outside of University. If i was to improve on this competency it would be to try and use the 7 stage method more in communicating and designing my projects.

35 (soft skill) – Understand, and take responsibility, for, continued professional development.

In a tutorial we were shown a power point listen all the key skills on what employers look for and what you are required to know and focus on in the future. The reason we have gone through this is to help us gain a general idea of what employers will be looking for in the future and doing this has really helped me gain some insight.

We had to go through some activities too like analyzing our own skills, putting them in a list and then reflecting on what we have chosen and the reasoning behind it. I find it useful that this session happened because now i am learning to self analyse and make actions on my reflection. I will need to improve my personal development skills by using this more often.

The skills I think I have is good communication skills because I can communicate through a variety of methods and I think I pass many communicational barriers like audience, language etc.

I am good at thinking outside of the box in situations or the way I present my work, I can present work and do tasks differently to what majority of other people may do to achieve these things.

I lack good organisation, I find it hard organising and managing things such as work. which I am going to work on in upcoming years and projects as a whole by possibly buying a planner/diary or using note apps on my phone more often to write things down and reminders for myself using my phone so when I wake up it will remind me everyday.